Ten Preparations You Should Make Before Using Natural Deodorant

10 Tips to Detox Your Armpits

1. Drink Water

Hydration is one of the most important things to remember. Keeping your body hydrated will keep it clean. The water will continually flush your system, wiping out the pungent toxins. 

2. Wear Natural Fibers

Wearing natural fibers like cotton can have a big effect on the way you sweat, and therefore, the way that you smell. If you are detoxing your armpits you should wear only natural fibers. These are lightweight and let the body breath. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, trap sweat and bacteria inside where it will rub against your skin, causing that foul odor. 

3. Take a Probiotic

If you take a probiotic regularly, it will help to regulate the bacteria in your system and keep you healthy. Chlorophyll supplements can also be taken to help stabilize the body and internal systems. 

4. Try a Clay Mask

Most people already know about clay masks and have probably used one on their face at least once. Clay masks are not just good for your face, they are also good for your "smell". Most people don't realize that the clay mask can be used underneath the armpits. Clay masks pull all the debris and bacteria out of the skin, and this includes the bacteria that causes the foul armpit odor. 

5. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda has many uses in cleaning. So it is no surprise that it can be used to detox your armpits. 

6. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can also be used to clean out your armpits. Just rub it in thoroughly and then rinse. Repeat as needed. 

7. Eat Healthy Foods

Eating a healthy diet will help regulate your body. Fast food and other fatty or sugar filled products can throw your body out of sync, causing things like sweating and armpit odor.

8. Avoid Certain Foods

To keep your system regulated you will want to avoid certain foods, especially those that make you sweat. Eliminate stink-inducing veggies like garlic, spicy peppers and onions.

9. Avoid Alcohol

Cutting down on your alcohol consumption can have a big effect on your armpit smell. As your body tries to digest it, the alcohol causes your body's natural chemicals to become imbalanced. It also causes unnecessary sweating. 

10. Take a Detox Bath 

Take a detox bath with Epsom salts. They aren't just good for soothing aches and pains, they also help remove bacteria. As you lie there and relax, the Epsom get to work pulling out all of the bacteria and toxins. 

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