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How to Choose the Best Men's Soap

The Best Clean A well-groomed man is attractive to the eye; he’s perceived in a positive manner. Sadly, many men, despite wanting to look and feel their best, don’t put a lot of effort into the selection of soaps they use. So many grab the first manly-smelling bar they see and begin using it to clean their body. These men are unaware that the soaps they’re using likely cause more harm to their skin than they could ever imagine possible. Choosing a great mens soap is simple if you know the qualities to look for in that product. Below, find the information needed to purchase a soap that meets your specific needs without causing any skin damage or trouble. Choose...

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How Do You Choose The Best Shaving Soap?

1. Understand that Men Have Unique ChemistriesThough women and men can share the same bathroom space, they should not share the same products. Men possess hormonal combinations that prompts their skin to react to products in vastly different ways than a woman's. A soap that is produced for men only, from formulation to packaging, ensures a great match. 2. Be Aware of Your Skin TypeSome men have naturally oily skin, and others are on the dry side. Across many skin types, sensitivity issues can exist. The best shaving soap is created with ingredients that are designed to balance skin moisture levels. This will probably also eliminate reactions by the skin when it's exposed to blades.3. Avoid Chemical Perfumes and Lathering...

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Ten Preparations You Should Make Before Using Natural Deodorant

10 Steps to Detox Your Armpits Before Using Natural Deodorant Switching from regular mens deodorant to a Natural Deodorant is a lot of work, but well worth it. Chemically filled deodorants can actually cause us to smell worse, not better. Follow these all natural grooming tips to help cut down your carbon footprint.mens deodorant, natural deodorant, all natural grooming, detox, armpits, 10 Tips to Detox Your Armpits1. Drink WaterHydration is one of the most important things to remember. Keeping your body hydrated will keep it clean. The water will continually flush your system, wiping out the pungent toxins. 2. Wear Natural FibersWearing natural fibers like cotton can have a big effect on the way you sweat, and therefore, the way that you...

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19 Insane (But True) Things About Wet Shaving

#1. Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt practiced the wet shaveAncient Egyptian pharaohs typically shaved their heads as well as their faces. Archaeological finds have shed light on how they did it: gold and bronze razors have been found in burial chambers which were used with wood ash and animal fat as a cream for an early -- if a bit smelly -- mens wet shaving routine.#2. Wet shaving caught on in the 3rd and 4th centuryShaving was usually reserved for noblemen until the 4th century when Alexander the Great required all men to shave before combat, leading to a smooth faced trend. Prior to this, commercial barbers of Rome performed barber services using straight iron razors and oil as a cream.#3....

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