Q: Who or what is Boomer ?
A: Boomer is our 80lb, Blue Merle Australian Shepherd company mascot. He enjoys the ladies, ocean,  chasing free range chickens, barking, long naps in the Southern California sun, pretending he's human and baths of course.
Q: Is there a story behind the Boomer & Co. name ?
A: Sure is, check it out here.
Q: Do you have any pet products ?
A: Not yet, but we will soon!
Q: Do you have women's products ?
A: Not yet, but we will soon!
Q: Do you have any baby or kids products ?
A: Not yet, but we will soon!
Q: How are your products made ?
A: Simple answer, "by hand" using "all natural ingredients". Each one of our products is made by hand in small batches to ensure quality.
Q: Where is Boomer & Co. located ?
A: We are located in San Marcos, in the awesome state of California in the wonderful US of A. We're proud to bring our patriotism through our products to you.
Q: Where can I buy your products ?
A: Our products can be found and purchased through select stockists, boomerandco.com and across the good ole' internet. Interested in becoming a stockist ? Contact Us.
Q: Do you have a wholesale program ?
A: Yes we do, let's do business.  Contact us for more information.
Q: Is your packaging recyclable ?
A: Recyclable materials - Yes, our paper packaging and plastic containers are 100% recyclable.
Q: Do you offer any reusable products ?
A: Reusable - Yes, we offer a number of reusable products for purchase to encourage sustainable use of grooming products. These items can be found here in our online shop.
Q: Do you have an affiliate program ?
A: No not currently at this time. Interested in becoming an affiliate ? Contact Us to receive information as our affiliate program becomes available.
Q: Do you have a newsletter ?
A: Yes we do sign up here. We never share your information and guarantee to keep awesome coming your way.
Q: Where can I find out what ingredients are used in your products?
A: Simple, every one of our products are labeled with the associated ingredients. We value transparency and your well being, use natural products. Check out the "ingredients" tab on each product page.
Q: What shipping carriers and options do you provide ?
A: For domestic United States - We currently offer shipping shipping services from UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL. For International orders - shipping carriers may vary.
Q: How long will it take to get my order ?
A: Most orders ship same day for orders placed before 30pm Pacific Time. Standard ground shipping is typically 5-7 days from us shipping to your doorstep.
Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: For orders placed online, we accept most major credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. For orders placed with our stockists, methods of payment may vary based on their guidelines.
Q: Do you have a returns policy ?
A: Yes, please visit our returns policies and guidelines for more information.
Q: Where can I check the status of my order ?
A: You can check the status of your order by logging into "My Account" and selecting the associated order.
Q: Do you have a subscription program (i.e. receive product shipments automatically each month) ?
A: Not at the moment, but we would love to create one. Help us do this by voting on this feature here.
Q: I have questions regarding my order , how can I contact Boomer & Co. ?
A: We can be reached via email at customercare@boomerandco.com . Our award winning friendly team will promptly answer any questions you might have.
Q: What information do you collect and store about me ?
A: We value your privacy.  Our current privacy policy is located here.
Q: How secure is my information ?
A: We value making your shopping experience secure. We use industry leading 25 bit SSL encryption technologies to protect sensitive information.
Q: Do you offer gift certificates or gift cards ?
A: Sorry not at this time, this is something we will be debuting shortly.
Q: Do you offer free shipping ?
A: Yes, Domestic United States order over $25 are eligible for free standard ground shipping. International orders do not qualify for free shipping. Please visit our shipping policies and guidelines for more information.
Q: Do you offer gift wrapping or packaging ?
A: Sorry, not at this time. However,  we do have gift sets that we also create as seasonal selections for purchase.