About Us

The Morning of Misfortune

It was a Monday, 5 am in the morning.  Wake up time and already in a rush to start the week ahead

Shower time. #$*!. You've got to be kidding me, no soap. Enter the shower to experience a purple loofah and creamy lavender body wash. Exit me, already unhappy, badly needing coffee and smelling let's say less than desirable.

Next up, shave time. Razor, check. Soap brush, check, Soap mug, check. Shaving soap, empty! Option for the morning, strawberry creme ladies shaving gel, #$*!

Next up, deodorant. Oh come on, really! Twist, twist,  twist, and even a fingernail scrape. Nada brudha. Other options for the morning, no deo or 24 hr womens secret with baby powder,  #$*!

This morning is just wrong! I'm late, my shower has been taken over, I smell horrible, I have clumps of women's deodorant sticking to my pit hair and I'm already itching all over the place.

Off to work. A full day full of strange looks in the office, maybe the grumpy look on my face from a rough morning start, or the ridiculous way I smell.

Finally back home. Hey here's a happy face, what's up Boomer !!! Boomer, there has to be a better way.


Our Ah Ha Moment

What if I'm not the only guy our there going through this daily ? Why can't I find decent manly grooming stuff in the grocery store ? Why are there so many chemicals in the stuff I have ? What if I got some folks together and we made some stuff especially for dudes?


Boomer & Co. was born, inspired by man's best friend.

We believe, that men have the right to :

  • Sane grooming, with proper showers, shaves and accessories
  • Smell like men, round the clock and like you should for those game time moments
  • Quality handmade products , made from all natural ingredients

We value :

  • True grit, passion and perseverance
  • Artisan communities 
  • All natural products made by humans not machines
  • Giving back - education and the environment
  • Our Customers

Come join us dudes, we're on the journey together. After all, it's man's best friend who got us here and we'd like to share it with you too.

Have a story ? We're always up for a good laugh , share it with us.

Fist pump and paw pow,

Boomer & Co.